How To Change JioFi Password (Step by Step Guide)

JioFi pocket WiFi is a good source of internet connection especially when you are out and away from home. It delivers the most reliable internet connection when compared to other competition. On the address bar, type in the https://jiofi.local.html. If you are using a JioFi dongle you should type in https://jiodongle.local.html.

how to change jiofi password

It is even better when you are with friends and you can use the JioFi as a hotspot. But what if there are too many people now that know the password? That is going to be a problem but you can do something about it. You should change the JioFi password to get back all the bandwidth.

In order to change the JioFi password, you must use your smartphone’s web browser to do this. Plus, it will also help you maximize the supposed internet speed that you should have been enjoying. So if you want to get back the usual bandwidth of your internet subscription, it is time that you change JioFi password now.

How to Change your Password

Assuming that your smartphone is already connected to your JioFi device, you should then open your preferred browser. Any internet browser that you have on your smartphone will do.

  • On the login prompt, just type in “administrator” as username and password.
  • You will now see the JioFi web interface. Look for the WiFi settings and click on it.
  • You may now enter the new password. Try to use something that is easy to remember but hard for other people to remember.
  • Now click Save and then exit.
  • Your new password will take effect right away. But you will have to wait for another 30 seconds as the device is saving the changes that you just entered.


After you made the changes to the password, no device or smartphone can access the internet now using the JioFi device. That means you will have to manually connect your smartphone as well just everybody else.

But this time, try to be choosy which device you will allow connecting to your network. You can do this method every time you need to use the internet connection on your own. Perhaps when you want to download something, change the password so you can have all the bandwidth while you are downloading.

Benefits when you change your password

  1. You get all the internet bandwidth.
  2. Faster download and upload when you are the only one connected to the device.
  3. Less overheating problems since having many smartphones connected will give more strain to the hotspot device.
  4. This will also prevent snoopers from staying within your network.
  5. Less risk of data leak and compromise especially when you are using your WiFi when you access your financial accounts
  6. You get more control over whoever you want to be on your network.

In Conclusion

Always make it a habit of changing the WiFi password of your JioFi device. Yes, there might be some issues especially when trying to remember them every single time you change them, but that should be easy if you take note of them on your smartphone. Plus, you can have more control over the number of people that are constantly connected to your WiFi network.

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