Learn How to Configure JioFi Dongle Properly ( JioDongle Local Html )

JioFi or JioDongle is a low-cost 4G device with a lot of facilities. This device provides high-speed data capacity and longer battery life, and it gives lots of free offers to the users. Read this page to learn how you can correctly configure your JioFi router or JioDongle at jiofidongle.local.html.


JioDongle supports only 4G networks, and till now it will not gives the 3G signal. JioFi 2 is a hotspot dongle, which connects up to 10 Wifi devices to share the internet data. This hotspot dongle works with JioSim only.

This JioDongle device also comes with a free data sim and it will be available on Digital Express and also on e-commerce websites. After getting the JioDongle, remove the battery of the device and note down the default SSID and Wifi password of the JioFi device. Once you noted the details, reinsert the battery and close the back panel and get ready for the setup process.

How to Login to JioFi Dongle

  • STEP1: Switch On the JioDongle and go to the Pc/Laptop and view the available connections in the list. Now select your device by SSID and enter the password of the device which you noted already After that click on connect to get connected.
  • STEP2: Go to the browser and enter the URL, http://jiofi.local.html or; Press enter to get setup page.
  • STEP3:┬áNow on the right top of the page, you will see the login button. Enter the default username and default password which you noted already from the back of the device and Click Login. If you are using a JioDongle then you have to enter the URL: http://jiofidongle.local.html.

Default Username: administrator

Your JioDongle is set on default but you can change these details. This can be done once you log in, go to settings and follow the prompts to make the desired changes.

How to Enable MAC Address Filtering on JioDongle

After login into the jiofi.local.html or jiofidongle web page to enable the MAC address. Click on the setting in the menu at the top. Select the network on the left menu. Now enable the MAC address filter. Now select allow to allow the MAC address filter mode. To add the MAC address click on the add button. Click Apply.

Change some other settings

  • Change the Wifi settings of your JioDongle
  • Modify the security password for network broadcasting.
  • Change your default SSID name as you wish.
  • Select the security types like WPA2-PSK, WPA, Open.
  • Change encryption type and channel mode.
  • Finally, click on Apply to change the settings of your JioDongle device and also use the changed details to access the device.

In this step, we are going to access the storage card in JioDongle. To apply for the SD card first open the back panel of the device and remove the battery then insert your SD card into the given slot and reinsert your battery and then close the panel.

To enable the storage account, follow the steps further.

  1. In the menu click on the setting link and then click on Storage link on the left.
  2. Now, by clicking the enable and disable option either to access the storage account.
  3. Enter the storage username and password.
  4. Click on Apply to update the details.
  5. Enter the URL, http://jiofi.local.html/sd-login.html in your browser to access the SD card files.
  6. Type the username and password to log in.
  7. Use the files on the SD card, and you can even upload the new files on the SD card.

User Management can be done using the User Management page in settings. Here you can change user details and also the Wifi settings menu in the settings menu.

All the above procedures are important for all the JioFi devices. If you don’t remember the login details, click the reset button for about 30 seconds by powering on your JioDongle device, this will reset your device. The reset button will be available on your backside of your JioDongle.

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