JioFi Review 2019: Why I Don’t Recommend This Over Broadband Service

Guys this is my super honest review of JioFi 4G router. I brought the jioFi 3 routers a couple of months back, I have used it to and know the good, bad and the ugly of it. I just want to share my thoughts with you guys, so please read the post carefully.

no unlimited data meme

I have been blogging for the last couple of years, though it was only a hobby for me for the first few years. But, Lately, I have become more and more serious about this awesome thing called blogging. With so many other skills; blogging requires one physical thing which is a must-have. Can you guess what I’m talking about here; Yeah It’s a Fast Internet Connection.

My Story Behind My JioFi MiFi Router

I have been using my local broadband service for the last 4 years now. However, recently I thought of trying something new, and that’s why I brought the JioFi 3 4G Router. One of my friends suggested this Mifi Router to me, I bought it on 2 Jan 2017 from Reliance Digital Store, Dhanbad.

For the first couple of days, this router was doing everything just super nice. I could not ask for anything more. It was giving me a constant speed of 15MBPS+.

I could use every online service (Google Drive, Speedtest, JioFi Router Login), etc. I could even watch YouTube videos on 1080p resolution very easily from my home. (This is a really big thing for me!) on those days.

But the joy didn’t last for long, as I soon realized it’s not the best router for 2017. I was actually thinking it was the best router, BUT AS I JUST TOLD YOU; it’s not. Also, Check JioFi Dongle Login Page.

Few things which I Don’t Like about the JioFi Router

  • The design. It’s not the best in the industry (however I can tolerate it).
  • The speed. After using the daily limit the speed that you will see will be 128Kbps which is just useless to do anything. ( I still hate the anything that I can’t use unlimited data like used to use on my local board band service) ( Moreover, I seriously hate the fact that I can’t use unlimited data like used to use on my local broadband service)
  • The JioFi router login page. Basically the jiofi.local.html/admin.htm login page never works the way it should. There have been many times when I have to manually enter the IP address into the browser address bar to access the router settings page which I don’t like at all.
  • The color of the router, (Sorry I’m not the biggest fan of Black Color)

This was my thoughts about the JioFi router, let me know your thoughts about this product in the comment section below, Do you think it’s an awesome 4G router or it’s another mediocre MiFi router which becomes worse with each passing day.


This is my personal experience with the jioFi Router. However, it is only fair to try it and tell us your experience. Any reaction on this Jiofi review? Hit the comment button below.

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